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Rank Name Surname Score
1 Fabiano Dalmácio 14 1 - 2 - -
2 Moses Rowen 15 1 - 1 1 1
3 Dr Marc O Riain 6 1 - - - -
4 Renata Calka 5 - 1 - - -
5 Martin Iglody 7 - - 1 1 -
6 Ciara Chapman 8 - - 1 - 2
7 Candella 4 - - 1 - -
8 Dolmen 4 - - 1 - -
9 Float 4 - - 1 - -
10 Hollister Incorporated 4 - - 1 - -
11 McCauley Daye O'Connell Architects 4 - - 1 - -
12 Maurice Taylor 4 - - 1 - -
13 Per Ploug 10 - - - 2 2
14 Millimetre Design 6 - - - 2 -
15 Ben & Anvil 3 - - - 1 -
16 Adam Gallacher 3 - - - 1 -
17 Marc Kelly 3 - - - 1 -
18 Maya McCormack 3 - - - 1 -
19 Vanja Vizner 3 - - - 1 -
20 Kyung il Chung 2 - - - - 1
21 Vincent Molumby 2 - - - - 1
22 George Xafis 2 - - - - 1
23 Niamh Faherty 2 - - - - 1
24 Sean Bradley 2 - - - - 1
25 Asya Demidova 2 - - - - 1
26 Mckella Daly 2 - - - - 1
27 Jurga Rakauskaite-Larkin 2 - - - - 1

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Frequently Asked Questions on Ireland Design Rankings

Designers in Ireland were ranked based on the number and level of design awards won. Best designers from Ireland are sorted and listed above based on the number of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron Design Awards won, total score for each designer is calculated based on the table below.

Color Legend Award Level
Platinum Design Award +6 Points
Golden Design Award +5 Points
Silver Design Award +4 Points
Bronze Design Award +3 Points
Iron Design Award +2 Points

Best designers in Ireland are displayed in this page. To learn more about each designer, you will want to check their profiles and design portfolios.

The displayed Ireland design rankings are based on the current aggregated scores of designers in Ireland is between the years 2010 and 2024.

Press members are kindly invited to download WDR Ireland Design Rankings press release and the press kit to have images and data to cover the Ireland Design Rankings. When mentioning WDR Ireland Design Rankings, international press members usually feature top ranking designers from Ireland together with a short information on World Design Rankings.

Best designer in Ireland, based on World Design Rankings 2024 data is Fabiano Dalmácio. You should definetely check out the Fabiano Dalmáciodesign portfolio of Fabiano Dalmácio right now, it is amazing.

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